Annual Poster Sale Returns to Wayne State #Hive55

Wayne State University Students shopping for posters

Every year a poster sale is hosted in Gullen Mall in the Center of Wayne State University. This fundraiser from the Wayne State Alpha Beta chapter of Theta Nu Xi, is a fun activity for students like Oluwatoyin Akintoroye.

Oluwatoyin Akintoroye and friends looking at posters for sale

Akintoroye is a freshman student at Wayne State University living on campus in Towers Residential Hall. Akintoroye says she found out about this event from a flyer a friend gave to her. “I’m looking for band posters, maybe something silly to hang in my dorm room. I got a Charlie Brown poster yesterday,” Said Akintoroye.

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Steven Johnston an employee with the poster sale said that they have already been to several Michigan universities including Kalamazoo College, Calvin College, as well as Hillsdale college, and Wayne State is the last University on their stop. He says it feels like a “rite of passage” for freshman to decorate their dorm rooms with posters that they buy.

JaNel Stephens – Dantzler, President of The Alpha Beta chapter of Theta Nu Xi says that some of the proceeds this year are going to Girls Up United Nation Foundation. She says that they have been partnering with the company for a long time and they are very grateful.

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Smartphone Security Stalls Several Investigations #Hive55

Increasing Smartphone security is greatly hindering the ability for many police stations to do there jobs in gaining evidence from phones.


With the increased production of smartphones and the constantly advancing technology, the security that comes with these phones need to increase as well. However, these advancements in smartphone security are not ideal for everyone. For many police officers and those working in cyber related crimes increases smartphone technology can make getting potential evidence off of these devices next to impossible.

Detective Sergeant and Forensic Analyst, Wade Higgason, says that the increased security measures in smartphones has made his job almost impossible in some cases. “Ever since the release of the Iphone 4s the security in smartphones has been making my job more difficult,” said Higgason.

Higgason said that they used to get assistance from the companies who manufacture the phones, but the security has gotten so intense that companies like Apple barely offer help anymore. He says that other companies really only offer help with high profile or time sensitive cases that they come across. Despite having around 2,000 hours of training, there are just some phones that Higgason says he can’t crack.

There are several ways people are increasing security themselves.

Charlene Warner, a Digital Forensic Analyst, says “this security is great for people, because obviously they want secure phones, but we need back doors to do our job.”

Tools used in opening up a phone.

With new technologies like facial recognition for the iPhone X the security in iPhones continues to become more advanced and nuanced.

As a forensic analyst Warner says that her job is complicated enough, without the constant working around these complex smartphone security measures.

The Digital Forensic Analysts in Livonia have several tools at their disposal that help them break into phones and computers. These digital devices can often be instrumental in gaining evidence for a case and are very useful.

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With some security measures, Higgason says that they have to be careful not to “brick” the phone. He says that this happens when a phone completely shuts down after too many attempts to unlock it with an incorrect code.

What to do when you exceed your login attempts. 

After taking several training courses with people who write the code for these smartphones, Warner says that some of these developers claim that there are “backdoor” entrances in the phones to grant access for some. However, Warner has not yet been able to verify that any of these “backdoors” exist.

Last year Apple ran into some trouble from the FBI when they couldn’t hack into the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. The FBI is trying to get Apple to develop software to help bypass some of the encryption codes in the iPhone.

Apple vs. the FBI

According to Wired and a blog post from Russian forensics software firm Elcomsoft, the recent update of iOS 11 added even more hurdles to safeguard the data on an iPhone, something that many law enforcement agencies say they are not happy about.

Although increased security in smartphones is helpful for the user, many think the negative implications for law enforcement may out weigh it. Apple has yet to announce any plans or software development to aid law enforcement in hacking phones.

Inside a Forensics Tournament, My Final Photo Journalism Photo Story

Well, here we are, my final photo assignment for the semester. This is a bittersweet moment for me personally. Ironically this assignment was not as difficult for me compared to the rest the assignments. I was shooting something that I kind of felt like I had a home field advantage at.

There are a lot of cool visuals that come with a forensics tournament. there are a lot of emotions and stress involved so the interactions you see between people is really interesting. At first I was nervous about finding things to shoot other than people just speaking, but I was able to get photos of Wayne State’s team warming up, which was definitely interesting to say the least.

I hit a road block at the end of the day when it came time for awards to start. I wanted to shoot awards which would normally not be a problem but this was a smaller tournament which made my presence a little more noticeable and I was asked not to take photos during awards because it was distracting. That was definitely frustrating but I got enough shots through out the day without it being an issue.

I am very happy with the photos I was able to get for this assignment, I feel like I accurately captured a lot of moments throughout the day. When it came to editing the video itself I had some troubles with the software I was using. I was using an audio editing software that I am not familiar with, I learned to use protools all last semester. When I was putting the video together I had finally finished but realized the program put a giant water mark on the entire thing, so I had to find something else. In the end I am still happy with the final project.

A Timeline of the Evolution of iPhones #hive55

Since 2007, Apple has been producing new generations of iPhones every year. It can be a little hard to keep up, so here is a helpful, interactive timeline that shows the progress of the iPhones from generations with the most changes. There are info graphics created by Apple to show the new features added to each generation of iPhone.

The iPhone has been an iconic symbol of our rapidly changing technology for over ten years. The iPhone is one of the original smartphones, and is one of the first phones to feature and interactive touch screen. The iPhone has been steadily growing in popularity with new releases being highly anticipated every year by avid fans of the technology.

iPhone and Apple has been setting the benchmark for  smartphones and new technology in the eyes of many. With the recent release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, most aren’t sure what is in store for the future of the iPhone

Sports Photography Showdown

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Every time I think I am getting the hang of photography, another assignment comes along that shows me just how much I still have to learn. At this point in the semester I don’t expect any of our assignments to be easy, that being said this has been one of my favorite things to shoot so far.

Even though I definitely could have done better, shooting this basketball game was a learning experience, and I feel like I could go to another game and do a much better job now that I know what I am doing. There were little things that I could have done that would have made my entire film much more successful than it was.

Although I did struggle I am still satisfied with the successful shots that I did take. Overall, I have done better, and I have done worse, but I really feel like I did learn something from this experience, and who knows, this experience might have made me a women’s basketball fan because honestly this was one of the first times I actually paid attention to a sports game and it was a good time.

Book Reviews on a Budget #Hive55


This is the first short episode of the podcast Book Reviews on a Budget, that I made with my classmate Austen Burks. We needed to create a podcast but we did not have any resources other than our cellphones so that was the inspiration for the name. For this podcast, we decided to review the book Reclaiming Conversation by Shelly Turkle.

In Reclaiming Conversation, Turkle discusses how modern technology is negatively impacting our current methods of communication. Turkle says that there is a trend in diminishing empathy especially in children because of this rapid growth of technology. Turkle writes that she is concerned that face-to-face conversation is quickly becoming obsolete in our modern age.

The main points that I wanted to discuss about this book was that I don’t necessarily agree with some of the points that Turkle brings up in her book. Austen and I talk about how we agree that there are signs of decreasing empathy in children, I don’t necessarily agree that it is one hundred percent because of modern technology. I also bring up in the podcast that throughout history people have always been claiming that modern technology is going to threaten interpersonal communication, but I don’t think it is realistic to believe that it will completely go away.

In her book Turkle also discusses Henry David Thoreau’s quote on his “three chairs of communication”. To see some analysis and discussion to get a better grip you check it out here. You can also check out some more reviews of the book here.

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